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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Should You Buy The MacBook Air in 2018?? My Opinion.

Should You Buy The MacBook Air in 2018?? My Opinion. 

 Macbook Air, Apple's one of the most popular notebook series ever. It was launched on 2011 and still it's running in the market. Yeah though Apple upgraded some features in it from very 1st macbook air, but still MacBook Air has no upgraded software and hardware as well comparing with today's market. So every people of this generation has a question, SHOULD WE BUY MACBOOK AIR IN 2018? Well I ll give it's answer.

Today the price of 128gb MacBook air is approximately 55k an D 256gb MacBook Air price is 77k approximately. So now we have to know which configuration Apple provides in this price range? Well, let's have a look on it. Apple MacBook Air has 5th Gen core i5 processor, 8gb of DDR3 ram,128gb/256gb of ssd, back-lit keyboard, ordinary non HD display, no dedicated graphics card. If we consider the configuration, the price should not be more than 45k. But here Apple sells their MacBook Air from 55k and 77k. We can get a 7th or 8th generation core i5/i7, 8 gb of DDR4 ram, full HD display, 128-256gb of SSD, dedicated powerful graphics card, and 1 TB of HDD also. So why should we buy MacBook Air in this day??

Here is a simple logic. The operating system of a windows laptop is windows, which is build by Microsoft Inc. But this windows os are used in different different companies like HP, DELL, ASUS, MSI, LENOVO and many more. Different companies make their hardware in different ways and the all hardwares are not same. But the operating system they uses, that is same. So it is a common things to be understand that windows is not comfortable in every different hardware. That is why windows can crush, or slow down your pc. But in Case of Apple, Apple makes their Hardware as well as their operating system Mac OS. So Mac os is very comfortable in Apple's devices. Not only that, Mac os is a very simple but awesome os, which does not need very high processor, clock speed, dedicated graphics or many more. So for that cause MacBook series does not use very high configuration.

 So now, come to the point. Should we buy the MacBook Air? We'll, my answer is yes!! You should. Because, though you find a better configuration windows laptop in this price range, but those won't be able to run as fast as Apple. In MacBook Air you can do photoshop, video editing upto 1080p 60fps easily, but you can't edit 4k video in it, that's one down side. Otherwise you can do any hard work on it. It can take pressure, work load. You can play some of games like Call Of Duty 4 in MacBook Air, though it does not have dedicated graphics card. It's awesome SSD and RAM give amazing loading speed. If you are a serious game lover, then go for a windows laptop in this price range, but if you are a photo or video editor, or uses laptop for hard business work, presentation, then no doubt, choose MacBook Air. One of the great features in MacBook series is, you don't need to switch off it. It can run more than 90 days with out shut down and it ll not crush like windows laptop. Even in MacBook Air, you ll get a minimum 8 hours of battery backup, that windows laptop can't.
So this is my honest answer, should you buy the MacBook Air in 2018 or not.

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