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Wednesday, 5 September 2018


                        HOW TO START YOUR BLOGGING? (PART I)

Well,today many people are trying to earn some money through website and blogging. So there are two types of blogging ie., normal blogging, and event blogging. When you start your career in blogging, make sure that you have some good writing skill and good thinking power. Because blogging is an art, a creation. So you must have some innovative power. At first, try to think some unique article in your topic.. oh yeah you have to think and choose a good topic or nitch. And you must have passion on that topic. Like, my website, study for buddy is basically for technology,so I do not publish any health regerding article. So this is how you can choose topic.
After choosing your topic, just search a good keyword for it ie., if your blog is basically travel related then you have to choose a travel related keyword, like travel-jankari etc. then go to buy a domain. You can buy domain from godaddy, namecheap, bigrock and many more website, but personally I suggest Godaddy and Namecheap. Then always prefer .com domain over everything. You can choose .in also, but in .in domain you will get only Indian traffic. So it’s better go for .com.

After that you have to buy a host plan. Well without hosting your website can’t get traffic. So, buy a hosting plan. You will find good host at Godaddy and Namecheap. I think an yearly 1700 inr package of hosting plan is very enough for your website traffic.

After buying domain and host, you can buy SSL certificate if you want, but personally I recoment, if you do not add any payment column in your website, thent don’t buy SSL, because it is very costly.
Later make a email id with the keyword uses in domain name.
After completing all of these just go to and create your 1st website.
You can come to google’s too. There you can add your previously buying domain name. and at blogger, hosting and SSL is free. So it is your choice. And here is a tip for you, don’t create website on wix or weebly.

What is important to make your 1st blog? Well at first choose a theme with white and very easy background. Because google will not approve their adsense if you create a stylish blog. Then create some pages on your website ie.,home, about us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer, and contact us. After creating all of these page start writing your article.
By the way, you can buy hosting from bluehost too. Mr.Harsh Agarwal, a famous blogger in india recoment it.

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