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Friday, 31 August 2018

Evolution Of Apple Macbook


Apple, the world's one of the most popular company! The company was founded by Mr. Steve Jobs and Mr. Steve Wozniak on 1st April 1976 and incorporated the company on January 1977 in California, USA. At first Apple tried to make personal computers, and then they invented Apple II, Macintosh and Power Mac lines, but it faced low market share and low sell in mid of after that Jobs add his personal company NeXT with the Apple in 1996.and from 1996,Steve Jobs became the CEO of Apple Inc. and is presented till now. Jobs subsequently instilled a new corporate philosophy of recognizable products and simple design, starting with the original iMac in 1998.
With the great success of I pod, I tunes Apple produce their 1st operating system iOS in between this, Steve Jobs tried to make a laptop which would very light but with great performance. And then he invented the MacBook series in 2006. From 2006 to 2012 that was the time of 1st Gen MacBook. Then in 2012 he relaunched the MacBook with some great features and updates. So this is the history behind macbook.


What is a macbook? That is a very easy question for modern generation. Well, macbook is basically world's thinnest laptop(notebook) series. After ending of Apple Powerbook era(the 1st Gen MacBook), Apple launched their creation Apple MacBook air, which was the thinnest laptop for many year. In that year, 2012 a notebook of Sony Vaio series was the thinnest one, but after launching macbook, people was shocked having seen that the thinnest part of Sony notebook is bigger than the wide part of macbook, and macbook became most famous notebook series all over world.


There are four separate design for macbook. The original model used a combination of polycarbonate and fiberglass casing which was modeled after the iBook G4. The 2nd type was introduced in October 2008, naming 15 inch macbook pro, this MacBook used 1st time ever aluminum unibody but omitted fire ware. The third design introduced in 2009 with polycarbonate unibody casing.

At mid of 2012, Apple suddenly stop selling their MacBook series, and after few days Apple launched their cheapest and thinnest laptop series MacBook Air, which has aluminum unibody case, awesome processor, ssd as well as best performing notebook series.. And the MacBook air is also today's favorite one.

After that at March 9,2015 Apple launched their more upgraded series MacBook line, which is thinner than the MacBook air!!! And the best part is, it removed Apple traditional MagSafe charger and used USB type-c charger for it. And the Apple's invention, Retina display, first showed in this model.

On April 19,2016 Apple updated their new 12 inch Retina MacBook with 6th Gen Intel Core M. After that, in mid 2017 apple used core i7 processor and butterfly keyboard for it's macbook series. That is the journey of macbook. And at last they add first time ever fingerprint scanner in macbook and 1st time ever touchbar in macbook, which make macbook special.


Always Apple don't compromise with quality, and that's why the build quality of macbook series are too good. Probably macbook is the 1st laptop with SSD. And it's stunning and super first processor, ram management, graphics, make the MacBook special. MacBook always different from normal laptops. In any price range Apple MacBook is the best notebook series. And it's battery??
Well Apple did not publish any mAh of battery but the battery can give upto 8-10 hours backup in 4G. So I think this is the quality of macbook.

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